Managed IT Services

Is outdated, vulnerable tech devouring your bottom line?

Your team shines and your services are innovative, but tech troubles like server crashes and security issues are slowing you down. Lost emails mean lost customers, and your staff is distracted by trying to fix the tech instead of their work.

Let's turn your technology from a roadblock into a growth accelerator. With CRDS, your tech journey is smooth, backed by our industry-certified experts.
CRDS offers managed IT services like vcio, business review, and other forms of support
proactive, responsive service

Navigating tech with you in mind

Recognizing that the intricacies of IT can be overwhelming, the CRDS team is here to demystify the process. While terms like “firewalls,” “phishing protection,” and “multifactor authentication” (MFA) are our everyday language, we focus on translating these concepts into clear benefits for your business.

Choose CRDS for proactive IT management that aligns with your business objectives, freeing you and your team to excel at what you do best.

Help Desk Support

When computer, network, or infrastructure problems arise, you need solutions stat. It goes without saying that if your tech isn't working, you're not working either.

Our Help Desk Support is your go-to lifeline to get unstuck and untangled so you and your team can continue to be unstoppable.

On-Site Support

Remote Infrastructure
Maintenance and

CRDS Managed IT services in Vancouver BC have on-site, remote help desk, infrastructure maintenance, and after hours support

Remote Help Desk

After-Hours Support

What can CRDS do for my business?

Unlock your potential with our tailored IT solutions and responsive, proactive support.

Help Desk and On-Site Support

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

24/7/365 Monitoring Services

Endpoint Protection

Custom Security Solutions

Backup and Recovery



CRDS offers a robust suite of monitoring services, designed to ensure the seamless operation and security of your IT infrastructure.
  • Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM)
  • Server and workstation monitoring and management
  • Backup monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Dark web monitoring
CRDS managed security services include detection, response, cybersecurity, security monitoring and other prevention and protection

Network Administration

Enhance your business operations with our network administration services. CRDS provides comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure and business applications to ensure smooth, uninterrupted service. Rely on our dedicated account management to maintain a secure, efficient, and forward-thinking network environment.
  • Network infrastructure
  • Server management
  • Cloud/SaaS app management
  • Regular reporting
CRDS technology group in richmond bc offers regular roadmapping and business reviews for informed decisions

Technology Business Review

Meet your friendly tech strategist! At CRDS, we transform our Technology Business Review into a fruitful collaboration. We listen, understand, and align with your business vision, providing insightful meetings and clear reports about your tech status.

Think of us as your tech roadmap buddies, guiding you through hardware life cycles and crafting strategic plans. Our goal? To help you make informed decisions and leverage technology to keep your business thriving and ahead of the curve.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Our vCIO service provides strategic leadership and expert guidance, partnering with your business to drive growth and modernization through smart, up-to-date technology adoption and management.

This ensures your business tech aligns with your long-term goals and your everyday operational needs. We are committed to your success.

  • Budgeting and resource allocation
  • Technology assessment
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Cybersecurity oversight
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Tech vendor and service provider management

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