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Stewarding IT excellence through collaboration

Founded in May 2013, CRDS arose from the shared vision and IT passion of Chester Co and Fabio Milano, who brought their individual companies together to create something greater. Starting from scratch, we built our company on the principles of exceptional service, rapid response, and unwavering customer focus, refusing to follow the “sell-first” mentality of typical MSPs.

We pride ourselves on a culture of teamwork and open doors, where every member is empowered to learn, grow, and contribute. Our commitment to fast response times and placing customer interests first sets us apart in the IT field.

As we look toward the future, our aim is to expand our reach nationwide, maintaining our core values of innovation, client connection, and a positive team environment that champions inclusivity and growth.

We deliver based on product performance, not our profit margin

We will not oversell anything you don't need. Rely on the CRDS team for responsive, custom IT solutions from our team of personable experts.
  • Forward-looking and thinking
  • Constant eye on industry advancements
  • Sincere connection with our clients
  • Positive and collaborative working environment
  • Foster innovation through learning opportunities
  • Proponents of team-wide inclusivity and growth
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At CRDS, we're more than just tech experts; we're your approachable go-to team for all things IT. Whether it's troubleshooting, advice, or a full suite of technology solutions, we've got you covered.
Chester Co
As co-founder of CRDS, Chester brings over 25 years of IT expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to CRDS. Away from the digital world, Chester cherishes family time and revels in adventures in the great outdoors.
Fabio Milano
Fabio is a Microsoft Certified professional and a Red Hat Certified Engineer. He was named the Douglas College Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, highlighting his ability to lead and innovate in the tech industry.

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