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Combatting Business Email Compromise (BEC) Risks 

An old scam that keeps reinventing itself with new victims. Don’t become one! You’ve probably heard the classic business email compromise (BEC) scam about Nigerian princes who want to deposit money in people’s bank accounts but first need their prey to send them money to make it all work to plan. It’s an oldie but […]

CRDS provides protective Domain name server DNS service to stay ahead of cyber attacks

5 Reasons Enterprises Benefit from Managed Threat Detection and Response

The modern enterprise generates massive amounts of user and system activity data that results in an avalanche of alerts. How do you keep pace with identifying what’s a real threat? Do you have the right tools to stay on top of everything? Does your IT security staff have the necessary expertise to make sense of […]

CRDS offers help MSP services and IT support to the software and tech industries

Understanding the Different Types of Malware

Malicious software—or malware—is dangerous software used to access and infect a computer or network without being detected. We hear terms like viruses, adware, spyware, ransomware, worms, or Trojan horses; these are all different types of malware that can severely damage your computers and infrastructure. Cybersecurity companies are constantly on the lookout for these treacherous codes […]

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